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【Fa -disciplinary Governance Enterprise】 Reminder of integrity of Qingming Festival
2024-04-19        Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

Qingming season, Qingming,Integrity reminds Qingfeng。2024 Qingming Festival is coming,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on the party's self -revolution,Perseverance to implement the eight regulations of the central government and the spirit of its implementation rules,"Four Winds",Promote the wind and clear qi、A good fashion for moving the customs,Establish a civilized frugality、Green and Low -Carbon Sacrifice New Wind,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee reiterates discipline requirements,Reminder for the warmth of the group members and cadres and public officials of the group as follows。

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Party organizations at all levels of the group must resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping on strengthening the construction of style,Effectively carry out the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the BC gameparty,Effective deployment of forest fire prevention during the festival、Safety production、Civilized Festival Sweeping and Working Style Construction,Talking through integrity、Integrity reminder、Manual prompts and other methods to strengthen the education of party members and cadres、Management and Supervision,For the Sexuality、Leading issues early found、Early reminder、Early Education、Early warning、Early correct,Let's follow the rules and regulations、Quit extravagance with frugality、Civilized Sacrifice、Integrity and holiday becomes a conscious action for the majority of party members and cadres。The "leaders" at all levels must strictly fulfill the responsibility of the first responsible person,Other members of the leadership team must carefully fulfill the "one position and two responsibilities",Settles、Under the above rate,Careful shability、Settles、Seeking truth -seeking excellent style,Consciously abide by the public order and customs,Take the lead in moving the customs and customs、Chonglian and frugal、Civilized Festival Sweep,Vigorously advocate the new era civilization, frugal sacrifice to sweep the new wind,Efforts to eliminate crooked wind,bc game casino reviewTo prohibit the order,Consciously putting good "integrity",Resolutely eliminate "holiday corruption",Promote the change of style with a thorough self -revolutionary spirit,Leading the society with the excellent party style and corporate style。

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Party members and cadres at all levels of the group must give full play to the role of pioneer model,Take the lead in integrity and self -discipline、Strict discipline rules,Take the lead in civilized frugal and low -carbon sacrifice,Take the lead to achieve "eight strict prohibitions": It is strictly forbidden to use a bus or borrowing a subordinate unit and a vehicle with the management service target for private sacrifice、Play in Tuqing、Detective relatives, visiting friends, etc. It is strictly forbidden to borrow a banquet for illegal public funds to eat and drink or receive a banquet arranged by the management service object、Spring Tour、Tap Qing、Fitness、Entertainment and other activities; it is strictly forbidden to use the opportunity of sacrifice to receive gifts illegal gifts、Consumer Card and Price Securities、Other financial products, etc.; It is strictly forbidden to borrow the festival machine to make the name of the festival subsidy or welfare; it is strictly forbidden to buy or purchase various BC gameprivate sacrifice items in disguise in disguise,Traffic expenses generated by personal sacrifice due to illegal reimbursement、Parking fee、Accommodation costs and other related expenses; strictly prohibit violations of spring forest fire prevention regulations,Outdoor smoking for fire、Burning Burning Paper、Mixing and other sacrifice supplies; strictly prohibited to talk about the row in the sacrifice and sweeping activities、Compared to broad ourselves、Following a waste,Violation of public order and custom organizations or participating in various feudal superstition activities; strictly prohibited personnel on duty are good at leaving the job,out of post、empty post、Leaming or drunk post。

3, strengthen supervision and inspection, serious discipline accountability

The group's disciplinary inspection agencies must give full play to the implementation of supervision and guarantee,Promote the improvement of development function,Active responsibility as,Grasp the characteristics of the festival,Effectively fulfill the responsibility of supervision。It is necessary to unblock supervision and report channels,Encourage the masses to supervise。It is necessary to focus on the discipline requirements of "eight strict prohibitions"bc game apk,Using Mingxu and Unannounced Objects、Random spot check、Cross -check and other forms,Carry out a civilized festival and sweep、Spring fire prevention、Dating on duty and other key areas、Supervision and inspection of key links,The violation of party members and cadres violations of the searcation system,During the festival, the top wind violations of discipline are strictly investigated,Processing together、Processing together、Strict measures,Continuously releases a clear signal that is stricter afterwards。Resolutely prevent the "Four Winds" problems during the festival,Putting the strict tone、Strict measures、Strict atmosphere persistence for a long time,Promoting the style of Mori Gong Group with a "zero tolerance" attitude continues to improve。

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April 1, 2024

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