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[Ecological Ecological Enterprise] BC Game appLongjiang Mori Gong Group held "Enterprise Lin Chang+Court Dean、Attorney General、Forest Sheriff "joint meeting
2023-04-12    Zhan Pengyu Ding Zhaowen    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

To further promote the development of BC Game appLongjiang Mori Gong Group and the public prosecution law agencies in ecological protection, more in -depth and effective cooperation,morning April 11,Longjiang Mori Gong Group held "Enterprise Forestry+Court Dean、Attorney General、Forest Sheriff "joint meeting。

Member of the Party Committee of BC Game appLongjiang Mori Gong Group、Deputy General Manager、Deputy Lin Xiaobo,Member of the Party Group of the Provincial Intermediate People's Court of the Provincial Forestry District、Deputy Dean Qu Xingzhou,Member of the Party Group of the Forest District Branch of the Provincial People's Procuratorate、Deputy Prosecutor Bai Sen attended the meeting。






The meeting watched the promotional video of the ecological construction of Longjiang Mori Group,conveyed the spirit of the 2023 Provincial Forestry Office Meeting,notified BC Game appLongjiang Mori Gong Group 2022 "Enterprise Lin Chang+Court Dean、Attorney General、Forest Sheriff "work mechanism operates,Exchanges discussed the shortcomings of "Lin Chang+" experience and practices and existing problems,and make suggestions for the next step。
Meeting to point out,Comprehensive implementation of the forest system is a vivid practice that implements the idea of ​​falling into the internship of Jinping ecological civilization,It is a major measure to improve the ecological civilization system,It is an inevitable requirement to keep the boundary of the natural ecological security。BC Game appLongjiang Mori Gong Group has since implemented the forest system,Actively deepen communication with the forest district public prosecution law agency,Precise docking requirements,In the province, take the lead in establishing "Enterprise Forestry+Court Dean、Attorney General、Forest Sheriff "work mechanism,45 forestry workers with special forestry expertise are appointed by the people's jurors of the forestry courts by the people's congresses in various regions,Active contribution to accelerating the disposal of Linlin cases。The Group Corporation and the Forest District Procuratorate jointly issued the "Opinions BC gameon the Repairing of Ecological Environmental Damage to Ecological Environmental Damage by Subsidiated Carbon Exchange (Trial)",Successful cooperation 6 cases,Broaden ecological compensation channel,This is the depth implementation of the "forest long+" working mechanism,It is also helping to achieve carbon peaks、The vivid practice of carbon neutralization。






Meeting thinks,"Lin Chang+Court Dean、Attorney General、Effective implementation of the working mechanism of the forest district sheriff,Further clarifying the common responsibility of forest resources protection,The work mechanism of the "One Lin and One Police" was established,Hold a joint meeting、Carry out more than 300 joint forests,Back 700 criminal cases of Linhelin and wild animals in accordance with the law,Give full play to the escort of the public security organs for forest resources。The in -depth implementation of the "forest long+" mechanism,Effectively formed a new pattern of "overall collaboration" and "judicial embedded" Longjiang Mori Gongye,Continuously promoting Longjiang Mori Industry Group in the working system、Ecological Construction、Industrial development and other aspects of new bc game casino reviewsteps、Get new results,strongly promoted the "forest long system" to achieve "forest Changzhi",It provides an excellent ecological environment and strong judicial protection for accelerating the promotion of "Green Longjiang" and the construction of beautiful China。






Conference emphasized,It is necessary to thoroughly implement the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping "Forest Cao Xing's Ecological Fix",Comprehensive implementation of the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government Implement "Ecological Revitalization"、Strategic deployment of building "Green Longjiang",Deepen the "Forest Forestry System" activity,Comprehensively deepen the forest long system,Build an integrated structure of ecological construction; comprehensively strengthen protection and restoration,Promote the further improvement of the overall function of the ecology; comprehensively promote the high -quality development of the industry,Accelerate the realization of ecological value conversion。Further strengthen the information sharing with the public prosecution law of the forest area、Regular consultations and diversified ecological protection compensation BC Game appmechanisms to strengthen collaboration,Promote the implementation of the forest system to a new level。
Conference Protocol,The organization will be organized "Lin Chang+Court Dean、Attorney General、Forest Sheriff "joint forest patrol activities,Further condense ecological protection synergy,Jointly guarding the green mountains and green mountains of the key state -owned forest area of ​​Longjiang Mori。
Provincial Forest District Intermediate People's Court、Provincial People's Procuratorate Forest District Procuratorate、Relevant comrades of the Public Security Bureau of the Forestry District of the Provincial Public Security Department,Longjiang Mori Group Lin Chang、River and Lake Long、The person in charge of the Tianchang System Office attended the meeting。





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