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[Law Discipline Governance] Longjiang Mori Group organized audit and legal business training courses
2023-04-03    Zhan Pengyu Tian Fuqiang    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

  In -depth implementation of the law and discipline of the law,Strengthen the internal audit and compliance management of the enterprise,March 28 to 31,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Audit Legal Department organized audit and legal business training courses,Special training for related business work,Further enhances the business bc game apkability of the group's audit legal front staff。 





During the 4 -day training process,Teaching staff combined with the actual work,Persist in problem orientation,Careful explanation of common problems of daily audit legal work。Audit training Insist on strengthening the core、Highlights、Focus on economic responsibility audit、Follow the principles of internal control risks,Focus on the focus of auditing from economic responsibility、Audit procedure、Internal control and problems of the enterprise、Four aspects of fixed asset -related audits have been explained in a comprehensive explanation。Legal training adheres to the case of the case、BC gamePromote reform with the Fa、To promote teaching、Promote learning with teaching,Further enhances the legal thinking and risk prevention and control consciousness of the group's legal front staff,It played a guidance and promotion role in strengthening the management of corporate compliance risk。








"This training solves some of the problems that I know fuzzy at work,further enhanced personal legal work ability,Clarified the daily legal work process,Direction from the future legal work。"Mori Gongzhong Group's Management Management Department Gao Haidong said。
Eight Face Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Audit Department Yu Yong said,"Through this training,Further clarify how to BC Game appmake audit work better participate in the daily management work of the enterprise,How to better use audit results,Be a good economic guardian for the construction of a modern Xintong Worker。”
According to the relevant personnel of the Group's Audit Ministry, I introduced,This training is a special business training for all the audit of the forestry.,It is an effective measure to conscientiously implement the group's law and disciplinary enterprise。I hope to pass this training,Can further improve the business quality and work ability of audit legal front staff,Strengthen audit internal control、Strengthen compliance management,Practical enhancement BC gameof rigid constraints、Awareness of prevention and control risk,escort the construction of a modern Xinton Workers。








During the training process,I also conducted business tests on the participants,Call for outstanding units and advanced workers in 2022。
The staff of the audit department of the group ownership of enterprises and institutions participate in training。










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