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Longjiang Mori Gong Group and Shandong Mo Yu Investment Group to promote the processing cooperation of products such as wood and vinegar solution to further negotiate
2024-04-19    Liu He    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

morning April 2,Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Chairman Zhang Guanwu led the Mori Investigation Team to come to Shandong Mozu Investment Group,The two parties conduct in -depth negotiations on deepening the comprehensive utilization of biomass and other biomass and other biomass.。

Yang Shuren, chairman of Shandong Mozhang Investment Group, warmly received Zhang Guanwu and his line,He warmly welcome the inspection team of Longjiang Mori Group。Ding Yu, secretary of the board of directors of Longjiang Mori Gong Group,Li Yunxiang, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Shandong Mozhang Investment BC Game appGroup、Wang Qiang, deputy general manager of Shandong Xurui New Materials Co., Ltd.、Lu Cheng, general manager of Shandong Mo Yantu Products Co., Ltd.、Sun Demin, general manager of Shandong Mo Rui Technology Co., Ltd. Participate in the negotiation。

During the negotiation and exchange process,Zhang Guanwu said,Last June,Longjiang Mori Gong Group and Shandong Mo Yu Investment Group formally signed a contract,Establishment of Morimong Lin Mao Bio (Heilongjiang) Industrial Group Co., Ltd.,Cooperation with Shandong Mo Yan Investment Group to invest in the comprehensive utilization of biomass use projects is the first active investment cooperation in Longjiang Senong Group、The group -level strategic investment project for planning,It is also a market -oriented operation project designed in accordance with modern business logic and corporate governance rules,After more than ten months of operation,Promoting the orderly progress、Effects of the effect。Next,Both parties must strictly bc game apkimplement the company's articles of association,Perform their respective responsibilities,Strengthen the design of the operating layer organizational architecture,Comprehensive use of remaining objects around Forest Gonglin、The production and operation of wood vinegar liquid、The development of wood vinegar solution innovation products for the development of the entire industry chain,Deep processing at high -end wood vinegar products at the same time、Strengthen the end product packaging deepening cooperation,Realize co -construction sharing、Symbiosis and win -win。

Yang Shuren said,Shandong Mozhang Investment Group will actively fulfill the production and operation functions,Further establish a co -construction sharing、Concept of mutual benefit,Construct a close cooperation、Working pattern of efficient operation,Make full use of Longjiang Mori Gong Group's forestry resource resources,Give full play bc game casinoto the technical advantage of biomass innovation,Increase the development of high -end products of wood vinegar liquid,Promote the high -end of the wood vinegar product、Standardized,Effectively promote the high -level operation of the project,Realize the mutual achievements and empowerment of marine and forest resources,The road to the development of green and low -carbon circulation development comprehensively used by the Longjiang Mori Industry Group,Promoting new development of the biological economy industry、Realize the new leap。

The two parties also conducted in -depth exchanges on the deepening cooperation of forestry carbon exchange transactions。

During the inspection,Zhang Guanwu and his party inspected and visited Shandong Mozu Investment Group Mercy Industrial College of Workers' School、BDP flame retardant workshop、Comprehensive pre -processing of sewage in fine chemical parks、Dao can fire exhibition bc game casinohall、Small Technology Entrepreneurship Base、Xu Rui Class Genxun Exhibition Hall、夙、夙 (Business School、Vocational Education、R & D platform) and other places,At the same time, I also visited the Shouguang Vegetable Base。

Longjiang Mori Gong Group's planning department、Dahai Lin、crane、Reed River、Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Forest Food Group Related Responsible Comrades Participate in the Investigation and negotiation。


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