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Zhang Guanwu and his party went to Guangzhou and Foshan to investigate investment
2024-04-19    Yang Hongyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

November 22 to 24,Secretary of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Chairman Zhang Guanwu and his party went to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province and Foshan City,International Travel Agency with Guangzhi Travel、Guangzhou Medical Group、China Pharmaceutical Group and other industry head enterprises are ecological tourism、Investment cooperation、Chinese medicinal materials and other industrial inspections and negotiations、Investment cooperation。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Wang Qifeng participated in the investment negotiation。

Guangzhi Travel Agency International Travel Agency as a tourist carrier in South China -a member of Lingnan Group,It is a travel agency with a large scale and good reputation in South China,Business spreads in more than 100 countries and regions around the world。
Zhang Guanwu and his party first came to the Guangzhi Travel Agency,The two sides are domestic ice and snow travel、Travel Kangyang、Industrial layout and business planning in hotel catering operations and other aspects to conduct in -depth exchanges、docking negotiation。Zhang Guanwu focuses on the high -quality ice and snow tourism resources of Longjiang Senmorian, represented by China Xuexiang and the "Mori" high -end forest food。and indicate,Hope to be based on the early cooperation with the Guangzhi Journey,The two parties continue to explore the cooperation project with the theme of ice and snow tourism BC Game appand big health,Provide high -quality forest food and tourism consumer products to the people of Longyue provinces,Constantly lead new consumer needs。Li Feng, deputy general manager of Lingnan Group Li Feng and the chairman of the journey of Guangzhi、President Zhao Wenzhi's unique ecological tourism resources to Longjiang Mori Group and produced in black land、Forest food derived from the Great Forest indicates a high degree of recognition。and indicate,Both parties will be based on mutual benefit and win -win cooperation principles,Professionalization of a tour of the Guangbi Journey、High -standard service system,In -depth cooperation in strengthening the tourism product design and service management of the Moriyong Scenic Area,Guiding the quality of tourism services in Longjiang Mori Gongshan District is continuously improved。It will be combined with Longjiang Mori Forest Foods to further enrich its "Four Seasons China" cuisine design,Explore the expansion of "Lin Yu Theme Restaurant" in Guangdong,Many catering chains such as "China Hotel" under the tour of the Guangzhou Tour as the platform,Jointly promote forest food to become bigger and stronger。
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group is the second largest enterprise group in Guangzhou,It owns 30 member companies including the listed company "Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd." and including "Wang Laoji" and "Chen Liji".,It is the first company in the world to enter the top 500 in the world with Chinese medicine as its main business。
In Guangyao Group,Zhang Guanwu and his party carefully visited the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Culture、Non -Heritage Cultural Museum and Drug Inspection Center,I believe that the Chinese and Western Medicine Preparations BC Game appof Guangyao Group、Traditional Chinese Medicine Drinking Film、"Drugs and Food Fame" health products and food for the full series of product systems and brand management have become the industry benchmark,It provides an important reference significance for the development of the Chinese medicinal material industry for the development of Longjiang Mori。
During the discussion and exchange process,The two parties conduct in -depth exchanges on strengthening the cooperation of the Chinese medicinal materials industry。Zhang Guanwu said,Longjiang Mori Gong Group's industrial area is wide,With rich wild medicinal materials resources,It has 560,000 mu of traditional Chinese herbal medicine planting area,Stabing Five Plus、Five Schisandra、Zisu、Deeping of traditional Chinese medicine materials such as velvet antler、Large breeding scale、Good quality,Both parties will be in the future of Chinese medicinal materials、Russian medicine development、Chinese patent medicine processing、Pharmaceutical logistics and large health products promotion are highly fitted。I hope that the two parties will play their respective advantages,Strong Joint United、Advantages for complementary advantages,Work together to develop and strengthen the Chinese medicine industry。Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangyao Group, believes that Longjiangsen tools are prepared for the development of good conditions for the development of the Chinese medicinal material industry,It is an important guarantee for the high -quality Chinese medicinal materials of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group,Especially in the development of medicine and food homologous products,Hope to strengthen the deep integration of resources and brands with Longjiang Mori Group,Union -enabled five flavian sub -beverages、Songren Lu、Forest Water bc game apkand other products brand building and channel promotion。At the same time, I hope to strengthen cooperation with Longjiang Mori Gong Group in Russia's development,Jointly build a new highland to open north。The two sides also developed on the Chinese proprietary medicine preparation varieties、Mori Industry Medical System Logistics Delivery、Construction of the standardization base of Chinese medicinal materials、The origin of traditional Chinese medicine materials for key cooperation content such as fresh processing and traditional Chinese medicine decoction trade。
The last stop of the investment negotiation,Zhang Guanwu and his industry came to a member company of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. -Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for inspection and negotiation。One side of the pharmaceutical belongs to China Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd.,It is the first batch of "Chinese Medicine Formula Pilot Production Enterprises" and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine "Traditional Chinese Medicine Dog Form Reform Production Base",The company has a complete industrial chain,Collection of scientific research、Manufacturing、Sales integrated,Products cover traditional Chinese medicine materials,Traditional Chinese Medicine Drinking Film、Formula particles、Chinese Medicine、Chinese medicine health and other related fields。
Chairman Chen Yinglong, chairman of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, expressed warm welcome to Zhang Guanwu and his party,The two parties do bigger and stronger "cold ground dragon medicine" industry、Establish a new sample of the "Central Land Cooperation" model to conduct in -depth negotiation and exchange。Both parties agree,Longjiangsen tools to develop the resource advantage of the Chinese bc game casino reviewmedicinal material industry、Ecological advantage、Location advantage and organization advantage,High degree of organizationalization of employees in the forest area,It is a high -quality partner for State Medicine Group to carry out strategic cooperation in Heilongjiang。Next step,Chinese Chinese medicine will further strengthen the investment and business cooperation of Chinese medicinal materials industry in the Northeast region,Relying on the Chinese Medicine Processing Park, which started construction in Harbin in 2023,,Actively build a base with Heilongjiang Chinese medicinal materials、Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Enterprise、Cooperation network of Chinese Medicine Hospital and Scientific Institute,Strengthen the trade with Longjiang Mori Gong Group in Chinese medicinal materials and traditional Chinese medicines、The construction of the hospital logistics distribution system、Chinese medicine granular agent product promotion、In -depth cooperation in the development of large health products,Effectively improve the ability to process and transform the medicinal materials of Northeast Road,together with Longjiang Mori Gong Group, we will make bigger and stronger "Cold Dragon Medicine" industry。
Relevant departments of Longjiang Senong Group are responsible comrades,Forest Food Group、Shanhe Tun、Tokyo City Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. responsible comrades participated in the investment inspection negotiation。
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