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Ma Chunping and his party went to Xi'an and Xining Merchants Investigation
2024-04-19    Yang Hongyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

According to the overall work deployment of the "Investment Winter" of Longjiang Mori Group,Recent,Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Ma Chunping and his party went to Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province and Xining City, Qinghai Province,The headquarters of the Headquarters of Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. and Xining Branch of the Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. of the Yellow River in the Yellow River of the State Power Investment Group and the Xining Branch、bc game casinoNew energy bc game apkdevelopment and other aspects conduct investment investigation。

Xi'an Headquarters, Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.,Relevant person in charge of the State Investment Group expressed warm welcome to Ma Chunping and his party,and introduced the equipment production of the new energy industry of the State Power Investment Group in detail、Market Development、Engineering construction, etc.,The two parties conduct in -depth exchanges on the cooperation between the clean energy heating reconstruction project。

Ma Chunping introduced in detail about the ecological resources and heating status of Longjiang Mori Group,and express,State Power Investment Group has a strong technical team and rich operating experience in the development of the new energy industry,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has a unique ecological bc game apkadvantage and bc game apkresource endowment,I hope that the two parties will take the national "double carbon" strategy as an opportunity,I am complementary to the advantages、The principle of win -win cooperation,Jointly transform clean energy heating as the starting point,Explore cooperation project,Realize energy conservation and emission reduction,Provide a better heating service for Longjiang Mori Gonglin District,Help the country "Carbon Dafeng、Carbon neutralization "goal implementation。

​​Relevant person in charge of the National Investment Group said,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has a large area area,There are many population in the forest area,Good organizational system,I hope that both parties can take this exchange negotiation as an opportunity,bc game apkFurther strengthen communication,Share high BC Game app-quality resources,In clean heating、bc game casinoNew energy development、Practical cooperation in the fields of industrial development,Realize win -win cooperation、Common Development。



In Xining Branch,Ma Chunping and his party also visited and inspected the Republic Photovoltaic Industrial Park and Clean Energy Heating Project in the Republic of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province。

It is understood,National Electric Investment Group Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. is a large -scale comprehensive energy company controlled by State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd.,Mainly engaged in the development and construction and operation management of power stations; production and sales of silicon products and solar power generation equipment; electrolytic BC gamealuminum、Production bc game casino reviewand sales of aluminum alloy and aluminum profile; mineral resource bc game apkdevelopment and other businesses,Industry is distributed in Qinghai、Gansu、Ningxia、Shaanxi、Heilongjiang、Tibet and other provinces (districts)。

Relevant comrades of the Ministry of Industry and Engineering Construction of Longjiang Mori Group Participation Investment Investigation。

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