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Li Guoqiang, the chief engineer of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd., and his party went to Longjiang Mori Group for inspection and negotiation
2024-03-18    Li Jiachen Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

March 15,Li Guoqiang, the chief engineer of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd.,Cooperation and negotiations on the field of Chinese medicinal materials。Member of the Party Committee of Longjiang Mori Gong Group、Deputy General Manager Wang Qifeng received the inspection team。


Wang Qifeng welcomes the arrival of Li Guoqiang on behalf of the group party committee,and introduce the basic situation of the development of the ecological industry of Longjiang Mori Group in detail。He said,In recent years,Longjiang Mori Gong bc game casino reviewGroup relies on unique ecological resource advantages、Biological diversity advantages and the advantages of large span of the industry area,The construction of the thorns Wujiaquan Industrial Chain was initially completed,Vigorously develop western ginseng、Zisu、Seabuckthorn and Wuxi Child and other key products,Focus on building the integration of the Mori Gong traditional Chinese medicine industry,Realized a single variety of traditional Chinese medicine materials cross -regional integration。Hope the future,The two sides in the Chinese herbal medicine seed seed seedlings technology empowerment、Standardized construction of planting base、Marketing Diversification、Big Health Products into the scenic area and other fields to further cooperate、Advantage complement,New mode of joint exploring fusion development、New path,Contribute wisdom and strength to the sustainable and healthy bc game casino reviewdevelopment of the Chinese medicine industry in Longjiang。


Li Guoqiang introduced the development process of China Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd.、Development scale、Main business development。He said,Longjiang Mori Gong Group has a unique ecological resource endowment,Development of the economic advantage under the forest,The development prospects of the Chinese medicinal materials industry and the huge market space。Visit the field inspections of Longjiang Mori's Chinese Pharmaceutical Material Seedling Base and Planting Base and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park,It has strengthened the confidence of in -depth cooperation with Longjiang Mori Gong Group。Next,I hope that both parties can find more cooperation entry points、Exercise point,Operation in the seed seedlings of Chinese medicine materials、Construction of planting base、Product research and development、bc game apkPractical cooperation in the fields of medical services and technology enhancement,Realize resource sharing、Advantage complement、mutual benefit and win -win,jointly promote the prosperity and bc game casino reviewdevelopment of the Chinese medicine industry。


During the inspection,Li Guoqiang and his party also penetrated into the Qinghe Bureau Company Schisandra seedlings、Founder Bureau Company West Ginseng、Ginseng Planting Base and Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park,Shanhe Tun Bureau Company Morimong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,On -site inspection of the results of Longjiang Mori Group in the construction of the integration of Chinese medicine。

It is understood,China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd. is the core platform of the Chinese Medicine Industry sector of Traditional Chinese Medicine Group,With a complete industrial chain,Collection of scientific research、Manufacturing、Sales integrated,The company'bc game casinos business covers Chinese herbal medicines for patent、Traditional Chinese Medicine Drinking Film、Formula Granules、Chinese Medicine、Chinese medicine great health and other related fields。

Relevant departments of Longjiang Senong Group are responsible comrades,Mori Gong Forest Food Group、Provincial Forestry General Hospital、​​Mori Gongzhong Medicine Company is mainly responsible for comrades,The person in charge of the relevant department of China Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd.、Relevant person in charge of the ownership unit attended the inspection negotiation。

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