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[Industry Rich Companion] Recene: Introduce new grape varieties to open a new chapter of planting
2024-05-11    胥    Rehe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Recent,Rehe Forest Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Fruit and Vegetable Base successfully introduced a series of new grape varieties,Injects new vitality into the grape planting industry。

Enter the grape greenhouse bc game apkof the fruit and vegetable base of the company company,Some workers are focusing on weeding for grape seedlings,Some are flat lyric noodles,Some are planting seedlings,A busy scene。


Facing the neatly row of grape steel frame greenhouses,Wang Yong, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Forest Food Branch of Weizhuan Company, said: "This stage is the key period of grape planting and protection,Management directly affects the growth of the new shoots and the development of inflorescence。”

The fruit and vegetable bc game apkbase of the company with the company with "the best grapes in China" is the goal,Advanced greenhouse、Ground film、Drip irrigation and green prevention and control of diseases and insect pests,Introduced Sunshine Rose、sapphire、Drunk Jinxiang、Queen Nina and other new high -quality grape varieties,The planting area is more than 22,000 square meters,Total 60 sheds。


"During the introduction process,The professional team of the base has fully investigated and carefully screening,Make sure that bc game casinothese new varieties can adapt to the local climate and soil conditions。At the same time,It also strengthened the research and application of planting technology,To ensure the smooth growth and harvest of new grape varieties。"Ji Fengjie, Manager of the Forest Food Branch, Introduction。

The planting of new varieties of grapes will further enhance the competitiveness and influence bc game apkof the fruit and vegetable base of the company company,Bringing more development opportunities for the base。Future,The base will continue to BC gameoptimize planting management,With the help of the new variety,Make new contributions to the economic development of the Rehe Forest District。

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