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[Industry Wealthy Enterprise] Tokyo City: The sales volume of the new type of wind power extinguishing machine exceeds 1500 units
2024-04-29    Li Wanzhen Sun Dahai    Tokyo City Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yuji Mingning Technology Co., Ltd. purchases 100 units; Hua Nan、Hebei Bureau Company purchased 50 units respectively; Heilongjiang Xinhong Hong Shensen Defense Equipment Co., Ltd. purchased 150 units ... Since entering the spring fire prevention period,The new 6MF-20-46 carrying wind power extinguishing machine produced by Tokyo bc game casinoCity Forestry Machinery Company has exceeded 1500 units。


"This amount of wind,This wind speed,It's like a tornado! It's nice!,Wang Yan, Manager of the Procurement Department of Yichunsen Gongxin Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,New 6MF-20-46-Carnival Rights Destroyer's practical effect of Tokyo bc game casinoCity Forestry Machinery Company is particularly praised,and signed 50 killers procurement contracts on the spot,At the same time, it also expresses the expectations for in -depth cooperation in the future。


In the actual combat exercise of "Longwei 2024" in Tokyo City Company,New 6mf-20-46 Bearing Wind Delieva Lighter debut for the first time,Mori Defense Leaders use it to accurately strike the bc game casino reviewbright fire,Instant suppression of the fire ... "Compared to previous equipment,This lighter extinguishes strong wind,The actual combat effect is very good,Not only the body is lightweight、Comfortable with the body,No sense of weight,And also energy -saving and efficient,A box of oil can work continuously for 80 minutes。"Xu Lei, Chairman of the Forest Fire Brigade of Tokyo City Company, said,Practice through the field of field fire field,Mori Defense Team members use "new weapons" to be handy,I feel very satisfied with the actual combat effect。 



It is understood,October 2022,Tokyo bc game casinoCity Forestry Machinery Company and Harbin University of Technology、bc game casinoShandong Huasheng Zhongtian Group and other key scientific research institutes and large enterprises have established a Forest Machinery R & D consortium,Upgrade and reconstruction of the original 6mf-30A windproof drilling machine。After more than a year of research and development、improvement、Optimization,The new 6mf-20-46 carrying wind power extinguisher after upgrading and transformation passed the national portable forestry machinery inspection and testing center inspection,officially invested in mass production in February this year。

Fan Yanzhi, Executive Director of Tokyo bc game casinoCity Forestry Machinery Company, said: "The new type of fireproof after technical bc game casinoreform is more comfortable、More energy saving、Three characteristics of larger air volume,Current,3,000 killers have been produced,Subsequent production will be produced according to market demand,further optimization and upgrade of product performance at the same time。”

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