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【Industrial Wealthy Enterprise】 Forest Food Group's brand was invited to participate in 2024 China Chain Catering Summit
2024-04-18    Zhao Jiayue    Forest Food Group

Recent,2024 China Chain Catering Summit was successfully held in Shanghai,Forest Food Group Catering Plate bc game casino-Heilongjiang Mori Gonggian Catering Management Service Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting,and reach strategic cooperation with the national large chain supermarket and convenience stores。


   It is understood,The theme of this meeting is "Join the New Journey together with ecological enterprises",Around the macro trend、Corporate Strategy、Corporate Strategy、Organizational power construction、Innovative technology、Talent Development、Supply bc game apkChain Construction、Food Safety、Corporate social responsibility、Mode innovation and many subdivided themes,Provide reference for corporate decisions through various ideological collisions,Promoting industry development。

   During the meeting,Representatives of well -known large -scale chain supermarkets in the country shared the needs of new product procurement,As a Northeast special cuisine catering company dedicated to the development of BC Game appforest ingredients,Mori Gong Catering Company combined with its own advantages,Active recommendation、Communication,successively with Shanghai Lianhua、Beijing supermarket hair、Family、Hero and other retail companies conducted business negotiations。



Future,Mori Gong Catering Company will continue to be in the type of dishes、Taste、Nutrition、Convenience and other aspects to conduct a comprehensive exploration and research and development,BC gameEfforts to promote the "Forest Holler" brand prefabricated dishes to a wider market,Provide consumers with a healthy and delicious "forest flavor"。

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