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Introduction to Mori Gong  

China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. YuJune 30, 2018 was reorganized by the former China Longjiang Forest Industry (Group) Corporation (Group) Corporation (Forestry Industry Administration),It is the only large state -owned public welfare enterprise in the province,Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government gives the group ecological construction、Three functions of industrial development and forestry investment,At the same time, it also assumes some people's livelihood and social undertakings in the forest area。Entrusted by the State Forest and Cao Bureau,Responsibility for the protection of forest resources in the key state -owned forest area under its jurisdiction,Carry out tree planting、Forest Radio、Forest Wetland and Wild Animal and Plants Protection、Daily Patrol、Forest Fire、Prevention and other work of diseases and insect pests。

The Group is under the jurisdiction23 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. (390 forest farms)、16Family Professional Group Corporation,13 city courtyard companies and 9 public institutions。The key state -owned forest areas and ownership units under the jurisdiction across black、11 prefecture -level cities (autonomous states) distribution in the two provinces of Ji,Where,10 prefecture -level cities in Heilongjiang Province、36 counties (cities) districts。The population of the forest area is 839,000 people,111,200 employees。Registered capital 1.73 billion yuan。

Longjiang Mori GongIt used to make significant contributions to national construction.Mori Gong Key State -owned Forest Area Development and ConstructionFor more than 70 years,Cumulative production of 249 million cubic meters,Paying on profit tax 7.89 billion yuan,Undertaking the difference between the national unified and dialing wood is 27.56 billion yuan,Update forestry storage area 29.95 million mu,For the country's economic construction, bc game casinoespecially to ensure land security、Ecological Security、Make outstanding contribution of food security。2023At the end of the year, total assets245.04billion yuan, liabilities134.06billion yuan, owner's rights110.98billion yuan, asset -liability ratio52.77%。Realizing operating income of 11.053 billion yuan in 2023,increased year -on -year increase 10.02%total profit1.16billion yuan, a year -on -year increase100.31%。Will annuallyApril 20th was determined as "Mori Gong Tree Planting Day".2023YearComplete Forestry74.9610,000 acres, forest breeding25610,000 acres, continuous14No major forest fire in the year.

Longjiang Mori Gong is the construction of national ecological civilization"Demonstration Place".Longjiang Mori Gong in the country、The province's ecological construction and industrial development has a very important position,In promoting ecological revitalization、Construction of Green Longjiang、The strategic process of beautiful China shoulder the great historical mission。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Longjiang Mori Gong fully implements the idea of ​​the internship of Jinping ecological civilization,Practical and innovative practice carefully answered General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Longjiang Senmoro Yichun's key state -owned forest area"Three Questions in the Forest District",Getting obvious results。Group Party Committee's in -depth implementation of the party's 20th spirit,Around the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government Construction "Six Longjiang"、Promote the "Eight Revitalization"、Strategic deployment of building the "4567" modern industrial system,Established the goal of "building a modern New Forest Gong",Proposal "Political Construction Enterprise、Ecological Enterprise、Industry rich enterprise、Cultural Runster、Minsheng Building Enterprise、Minsheng Building Enterprise、French and Disciplinary Enterprises "Policy,Implement "Seeing Geng in One Year,Three years up the step,Five -Year Development Development Strategy,Cultivate "Tree Trees、Core Core Cultural Cultural Culture,Carry out "Far School Saihanba,Near -Student BC gameBeida Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild,Management One "activity,Fully forged a "political firm、Heart is Lin Hai、Excessive ability、Good style、Discipline strict、Pioneering Innovation、Courage to take responsibility、Diligence and Lian Fenggong、Ecological Construction Iron Army。

Longjiang Mori Gong is a treasured place for unique ecological resources.Total area of ​​forest operations65.857 million hectares,14%of the land area of ​​Heilongjiang Province,Forest total accumulation 6.89billion cubic meters, forest coverage86.3%。408 species with wild animals,Nearly 2,000 kinds of wild plants,Where,More than 500 medicinal plants,More than 40 kinds of edible plants,is one of the main body of the Northeast Asian land natural ecosystem,It is a natural ecological barrier in the Northeast "Big Grain",It is an important national wood strategic reserve base,Is an important reservoir for the country、Qianku、Grain Depot and Carbon Library。Evaluation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry,Total value of Longjiang Mori Forest and Wetland Resource Assets at the end of 2020,The value of the annual ecological service is 5162.11billion yuan.

Longjiang Mori Gong is developmentA great resort for tourism.Big Wetland、Big Ice and Snow、Big Wetland、Big Lake、Dajiejiang,It constitutes the huge original ecological scroll of Mori Gong's colorful primary ecological scroll,Provided unique and rich tourism recreational resources。Have13 levels of 4A scenic spots、3A Scenic Area 8、13 of the National and Provincial Nature Reserve、Forest and Wetland Natural Park 30、National Geological Park 2,China Xuexiang、Longjiang Phoenix Mountain、Yabuli skiing and other tourist attractions are important business cards for Longjiang ecological tourism,Famous nationwide、Funeral world。Have 2 national forest recreation bases、14 nationwide forest -recreational base pilot construction units。

Longjiang Mori Gong is an important base for developing the green ecological industry.Trees"Two Mountains" development concept,Give full play to resources and ecological advantages,Build the greening of camp forests、Forest Agriculture、Forest Food、Tourism Kangyang、Chinese medicinal materials、BC Game appEcological Industry System, mainly based on the carbon exchange industry of forestry。5.93 million acres of cultivated land in the forest area,Liangtian Wo Tu, which develops natural green organic agriculture,Grain output reaches 27.5billion pounds. Chinese medicinal materials in the field61.710,000 acres. Construction standardized, mechanized, intelligent nursery100、20,000 acres,Create China's largest area、The highest quality、Various state -owned ecological seedlings。Accelerate the construction of green fruit and vegetable base,Method contributions to enriching the province's "vegetable basket" and "orchard"。

Longjiang Mori Gong is practicing"Leading Land" of "Great Food Concept".Relying on the rich forest resources in the forest area, fully practice"Big Food Concept",Develop the forest food industry,Create a mid -to -high -end product with the "Heisen" brand as the core、High -end series product system with the "Mori" brand as the core,Develop edible fungi、Bee product、Beat、Nut、Shanye cuisine、Drink、North Medicine、12 categories such as health food、160 diversified forest foods of more than a variety of items,It is promoting Longjiang Mori Gong from forest food "supplier" to high -end food "leading enterprise",Make Longjiang Mori Gong into a well -known forest food base in the country,Make more forest products from forest to the market、Go to the table,Rich people's demand for forest food。

Longjiang Mori Gong is the development of forestry carbon exchange economy"Pioneer".Longjiang Mori Gong Forest Carbon Reserve343 million tons。The Group was included in the province's forestry carbon exchange pilot,Linkou Bureau Company is listed as a national forest carbon exchange pilot。Grasp the opportunity of the country's implementation of the "double carbon" strategy and Heilongjiang Province to support the pilot of forestry carbon exchange in Longjiang Mori、Exploring the advantage of the value of the value of ecological products,Through cultivation and protection of forest resources,Constantly improve the forest "fixation carbon、Carbon increase、Carbon expansion "ability,Innovative carbon exchange business mechanism,Cultivate key carbon exchange projects,BC Game appPromoting carbon exchange value conversion,Efforts to build Longjiang Mori Gong into a highlands for the realization of forest ecological value,Accelerate the turning forest "carbon storage" into "money library"。

Longjiang Mori Gong is an investment hotland with a wide range of cooperation.Vigorous implementation"Go global、Please come in "Open" Open Strategy,succession with Shandong Mozu Group、Wuhan Gaode Infrared Group、Shenzhen United Aircraft、Provincial Trading Group and other enterprises to carry out cooperation projects and put into operation; with Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group、China Chinese Medicine Holdings、Guangzhi Travel Agency、Jiangsu Bosideng Group、Shanghai Bailian Group、Shandong Jinlou Group conducts docking and negotiating cooperation,Get positive progress。The Group will further increase investment in investment,Actively introduce strategic investors,Adhere to the industrialization of ecological construction、Ecologicalization of industrial development,Continuously integrate resources,Strengthen foreign joint venture cooperation in the development of the ecological industry,Achieve win -win。

Longjiang Mori Gong Group will thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Longjiang to inspect Longjiang、Deployment of the Provincial Government,shoulder shoulder"Forest Cao Xing is Ecological Fund" historical mission,Fully strengthen ecological construction,Protecting the development of forest resources,In -depth practice of the "two mountains" development concept,Adhere to ecological priority、Save collection、To implement ecological revitalization,Develop the ecological industry with full strength,Continuous economic strength,Accelerate the first square of the state -owned enterprise in Longjiang,To implement ecological revitalization、Industry Revitalization,Accelerate the high -quality development of Longjiang,Construction of Green Longjiang and Beautiful China to make a new contribution of Longjiang Mori Gong。

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