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Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee and the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission's Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team held a deepening capacity building special conference meeting
2024-06-27    Li Jiachen Zhan Pengyu    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center
        On the morning of June 26,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee and the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission's Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team held a deepening capacity building special conference meeting。Conference emphasized,It is necessary to effectively improve political standing,Strengthening responsibility implementation,Persist in problem orientation and results -oriented,Rectification and implementation of the Matters of Chamber of Commerce Council solidly,Promote the high -quality development of the group with new results with ability。
        Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、General Manager Wang Qifeng chaired the meeting and spoke。Lu Jianzheng, the leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech。Member of the Party Committee of the Group Zhao Hongyu、Wang BC Game appLintian、Jiang bc game apkJun attended the meeting。


        The meeting focuses on "jointly solve the problems of the party committee of the group's party committee in deepening ability,Study the next rectification measures "Development of the meeting。will be on,The Party Committee of the Group notified the implementation of the second meeting of 2023 and the implementation of the matters of comprehensive and strict management of the party and the implementation of the group's deepening capacity building activities in 2024; Supervision and inspection; members of the group's leadership team made speeches on discovery problems and individuals' performance of "one position and two responsibilities"。
        Lu Jianzheng on behalf of the group's disciplinary inspection and supervision team made opinions on the work style of the group's party committee。She said,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee is in the next work,It is necessary to effectively carry the political responsibility of the party to govern the party,Further increase work strength,in Yan、Real、fine、Practical Kung Fu,Continuously strengthening theory learning,Strictly implement the "first issue"、Collective learning、Special seminar and other systems,Increase the Group's centralized training,Effective liberation bc game casinoBC gamewith thought、Concept Update Leading Development Breakfast。To strengthen the best,Promoting business development,The horizontal collaboration of the functional department、The vertical linkage of the ownership enterprise,Continuously growing the scale of industrial development,Extended industrial development chain,Accelerate the establishment of a scientific and standardized modern enterprise institutional system,Improve and perfect risk prevention and early warning mechanisms,Improve the level of operating and anti -risk,Promoting a virtuous cycle of ecological construction and industrial development。To strengthen the construction of the style,solidly advance "Grasping Grassroots、Play the foundation、Strong implementation、See the effectiveness "activity,Education guides the majority of party members and cadres to actively act as、Responsibility,Continuously strengthening the political judgment of leading cadres、Political understanding、Political Execution。


        Wang Qifeng on behalf of the Group's Party Committee to rectify the business matters、Promoting capabilities and style construction make arrangements。He pointed out,Capable style construction is the key to solving the fundamental problem of Mori Gong,is the only way to build a modern bc game casino reviewBC Game appXintong forestwork。To develop high -quality development、Sustainable revitalization as the fundamental purpose of deepening ability construction,Seeing results and effects,Seeing results and effects,Promoting Mori Gong's upper and lower thoughts、A big change of style、A big change of style、Work of work is great。​​Party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels must strengthen political leadership,Really reflect the whole process of political reflection of politics to ability construction,Implementing all areas of enterprise development。We must carry out solidly "grasp the grassroots、Play the foundation、Strong implementation、See the effectiveness "activity,Comprehensive improvement of party members and cadres, especially grass -roots cadres to catch development、Promoting reform、Huimin Sheng、Security、Ability to prevent risks,Ensure that the Party Central Committee's decision -making deployment and the Provincial Party Committee、The work requirements of the party committee of the group are effectively implemented at the grassroots level。To advocate hard work、Pay attention to implementation as the key,The construction of the "real" requires the construction of the ability to build the style,Creative implementation,Leading the masses of cadres and bc game casinobc game casino reviewthe masses to work hard。Stopping the people's position、Houzhi is the nostalgia for the people,New effects of the construction of ability,Improve the ability to serve the people。To persist in problem orientation,Pay close attention to rectification and implementation,Plumbing vulnerability、Make -up shortcomings,"The second half" article of the company's rectification,Efforts to see new results in the results of the business,Make sure the rectification results can stand the test。
        Relevant comrades of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,Group Party Committee Inspection Office、Organization Department、Propaganda Department、The responsible comrades of the Comprehensive Office attended the meeting。
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