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Integrity reminders of strictly prohibiting illegal operation and participating in the "student banquet"
2024-06-17        The Communist Party of China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Current,2024 college entrance examination has ended、The entrance examination is about to start,It is another year of further studies。In -depth implementation,Further establish a good social atmosphere,Prevention of violations and participating in the "student banquet" problem,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party Committee reiterates discipline requirements,Warm Reminder Group party members and cadres enhance discipline awareness,Consciously obey the rules,Promote a new style of civilization,Continue to create a clean and clear atmosphere。

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  (1) It is strictly forbidden to use the opportunity of children to advance to the "Essential Banquet" and "Xie Shi Banquet" and take the opportunity bc game apkto collect wealth,Receive gifts in various names、WeChat red envelope、Price Securities、Valuable gifts, etc.;

(2) It is strictly forbidden to take a long time、Batch、The banquet will be rectified to zero,commissioned、To instructed or acquies the "Entores Banquet" and "Xie Shi Banquet" for the candidates 'parents to organize a banquet instead of candidates' parents;

(3) It is strictly forbidden to operate in different places、Mistake Peak Management,Do not take the exam "doing things first", "without doing gifts, but only receiving gifts";

(4) It is strictly forbidden to participate in various kinds of advanced celebration activities and gifts of gifts in addition to relatives;

(5) It is strictly forbidden to notify the unit in any form、Personnel or other personnel of this system, or other persons who may affect the execution of public affairs to participate in the "student banquet";

(6) It is strictly forbidden to use public funds or the management costs of children who are managed by management service objects and other personnel who may affect fair execution of public affairs;

(7) It is strictly forbidden BC gameto use、Borrow buses,Public -funded car rental or vehicles borrowed by the management service objects to send children and relatives to school or travel。

Second, compact the main responsibility, strengthen education supervision

Party organizations at all levels of the group must earnestly bear the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party,Hurry up and grasp the work style,Adhere to education first、Principles of Prevention,Early warning,Early warning,Strengthen educational supervision and management of party members and cadres,Especially for party members and cadres who have graduated from children this year, they must remind them early、Early prevention,Reminder of integrity with it,Urges it to make a promise of integrity,Resolutely prevent problems such as illegal operation and participating in the "student banquet"。To do a good job of coordinating work,It will be strictly forbidden to operate the "student banquet" problem rectification and carry out party discipline learning、Concentrated rectification of the incorrect wind and corruption of the bc game casino reviewmasses、Special rectification of illegal eating and drinking, etc.。Party members and leading cadres must lead by example,Guide party members and cadres to consciously resist the wind of incorrect,Neither operates nor participating in the "Student Banquet",Establish a new social style。

3. Carry out supervision and inspection, serious discipline accountability

The group's discipline inspection agencies must communicate with the letter of reporting and reporting the channel,Adopt "Four Nothing and Two Strains"、Special inspection、Random spot check、Democratic visits and other methods,Increase the supervision and inspection of issues such as illegal operation and participating in the "Entrance Banquet" and "Xie Shi Banquet",Gift at the peak、Batch in batches may be turned into zero -operated wine mats to collect money、Only receiving gifts without liquor to avoid supervision,Can't Lystone、There is no ban、Discipline of commitment and stealth mutation is resolutely rectified,Discovered together、never tolerate、Exposure together,Never be soft、never tolerate。With "zero tolerance" attitude, the attitude bc game casinois fierce and crooked qi,Deep digging deep -seated problems such as wind and rotting behind the back。Precise and standardized use of "four forms",Discipline of Discipline of the Top Wind、It must be held responsible for the parties who have caused adverse social impacts,Also accountable for relevant leaders,The stronger signal of the more stringent discipline with a strong accountability。

Welcome to supervise and report employees and all sectors of society.

Report phone number: 0451-82669840

Report mailbox: ljsgdlb@163.com



The Communist Party of China Longjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.

June 13, 2024 


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