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Longjiang Mori Gong Group holds the mobilization and deployment meeting of centralized rectification mobilization in the forest and grass field
2024-05-20    Li Jiachen Zhang Haoran    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of centralized rectification and deployment meeting of the province's forest and grass field,May 18th,Longjiang Mori Gong Group holds the mobilization and deployment meeting of centralized rectification mobilization in the forest and grass field,Re -arrange for the centralized rectification work of promoting the problem of the group's forest and grass field。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、General Manager Wang Qifeng attended the meeting and spoke。Group Ecological Supervision Commissioner Ling Changwei chaired the meeting。Relevant responsible comrades of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission attended the meeting。


The meeting reads the Group's "Implementation Plan on Carrying out the Reconstruction of the Forest and Grass Section"。

Meeting to point out,bc game casino reviewTo improve understanding and implementation。Group unit、The department must fully recognize the severe complexity of the problems of the forest and grass field、Serious harmfulness of corruption cases,Resolutely carry political responsibility,The attitude towards the blade and the courage of self -revolution,Strengthen daily supervision,Dare to touch the truth,A resolute attitude、powerful measures,Strict cracking down on illegal and illegal destruction of forest and grass resource behavior。To persist in problem orientation,Create a question ledger,Do not let go of the problem to rectify the problem,At the same time, dig deep and destroy the ecological environment of the key state -owned forest area of ​​Longjiang Mori Workers、The root causes of various issues that affect the high -quality development of the enterprise,Make sure the rectification of the problem can stand the verification、Affordable test。


Conference emphasized,We must rectify and implement it seriously。All units should focus on various special actions of forest grass to carry out investigation and rectification,Increase bc game casinopatrol inspection、Guard Film Trip、Cancer solicitation and other active work strength,Real knife and real gun change,Keep an eye -catching problem,Promote the centralized rectification work of the forest and grass field to upgrade; focus on the issue of land greening to conduct investigation and rectification,To the project、Carrying out afforestation verification,Check the bottom number、Check the question、Checking responsibility,Resolutely rectify rectification and rectification; focus on auditing problems to carry out investigation and rectification,Actively carry out the implementation of the forest and grass fund project "Looking back",Seriously find management vulnerabilities and weak links,Resolutely curb the problem again; to focus on the strengthening supervision and management of new national debt fire prevention road construction projects,Ecological Supervision Commissioners and Office of each station shall implement supervision responsibilities,Strengthen the whole process、Comprehensive supervision,and urge the stationed units to implement rectification as required; focus on the issues of BC gamedisciplinary violations in the forest and grass field to conduct investigation and rectification,Digging the responsibility behind the problem、style and corruption clues,Resolutely check the shortcomings from the roots、Converted style。

Conference emphasized,We must strive to implement the effectiveness。All units should improve work class,Refer to the group's work mechanism,Enrich personnel forces,Close cooperation,Promote the responsibility and supervision responsibility to the end; to formulate a work plan,Create a question ledger,Persist in tracking and questioning,Implement sales number processing; strengthen information communication,Establish a pragmatic and efficient work report mechanism,Effectively strengthen information interoperability、Data exchange、Clues transfer work; strengthen supervision and inspection,The industry supervision and inspection run through the whole process of centralized rectification,In the timely timely notification of each unit to investigate and rectify the rectification and typical cases,Discover the problem in time; strengthen accountability,No discovery BC Game appof self -examination and self -examination,No problems such as concealing or processing after discovery,Once verified,All check the accountability。

The meeting was held in the form of video。The responsible comrades and staff of the relevant departments of the group attended the meeting at the main venue。Each Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、The relevant units of the group are mainly responsible for comrades、Responsible comrades in charge,Responsible comrades and staff of relevant departments,Group Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Ecological Supervision Commissioner、Director and staff of the Ecological Supervision Office attended the meeting at the branch venue。

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