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[Party discipline learning education] Longjiang Mori Group held a special reading class of party discipline education and education.
2024-04-29    Li Jiachen Zhao Shengbo    Longjiang Mori Group Rong Media Center

In the afternoon of April 28,Longjiang Mori Gong Group Party discipline education and education special reading class exchanges and graduation formulas at the group headquarters。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、General Manager Wang Qifeng attended the closing style and speak。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman of the Trade Union Zhao Hongyu Hosted the Holding Style,Member of the Group Leaders、Class executives attended the closing style。


Group Party Committee's four -day party disciplinary study and education special reading class Theme is prominent、Rich in content、Discussion in depth、Strong learning style、Strong learning style,Get the expected effect。Come in four days,The Group's Party Committee strictly follows the arrangement of party discipline learning and education,Organize BC gamebc game casino reviewparty members and cadres of all units of the group to improve political stations、Original learning、Persist in problem -oriented learning、Strictly observing discipline rules,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important ideas on party building、The important idea of ​​the party's self -revolution、Important expositions to strengthening party discipline construction,In -depth Interest Intective Secretary Jinping's important speech on party discipline education and education,Study "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Invite experts to teach tutoring,The political literacy and theoretical literacy of the majority of party members and cadres have been improved by the system,Party exercise is strengthened by the system,Effective learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,It provided a strong discipline guarantee for promoting the high -quality development of Mori Gong。


During the exchange seminar,Members of the Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group made exchanges and discussions,Grassroots units represent Dahai Lin、Zhanhe、Mu Emperor bc game casino reviewForestry Bureau Co., Ltd.BC game's main responsible comrades made exchange speeches。

Meeting to point out,To learn in -depth,Grasp the implementation of persistence。The "Regulations" study as a compulsory course、Frequency Course,Guide BC gamebc game casino reviewparty members and cadres to learn one by one、Original learning、Rongyongsheng school,A fear of heart、Words have a precept、Stop it。Study through continuous in -depth learning,More comprehensive and accurate understanding the main points of the party's "six discipline" theme and practical requirements,Forge with strict discipline "Being the northernmost、The political loyalty of the Party Central Committee "。Stop learning from the above rate,The time benchmarking table,Eliminate formalism,Model executor of consciously doing party discipline、A firm maintenanceer of a good political ecology、The powerful promoter of building a diligent and professional worker。

Conference emphasized,Consciously keep the discipline,Grasp the implementation on continuous strengthening party spirit refining。To persist in problem orientation、Results -oriented,Turn through "Check" and "Change",Performance of BC Game appHolesteads,Actively accept BC gamesupervision,Really achieved "the quasi -political direction,Accurate Knowing Correction Thought Action,Self -Minning of Self -Minutes of the Journey of the Journey,Follow the rules to keep the discipline and tighten the string of discipline ",Efforts to make self -revolution、Standard of the rules and discipline。Strict responsibility,Take the lead in implementing the political responsibility of governing the party and governing the party,Improve the Pipe Thought、Tube work、Tube style、Strict management system for discipline,Forging ecological iron troops in party discipline learning and education。


Conference emphasized,To apply it to,Grab the implementation of what I learned into the work。It is necessary、The decision -making deployment of the Provincial Party Committee is combined with the work arrangement of the party committee of the group,Combining the annual target tasks,To "grab two hands、Two Promotion "。The learning results of the Regulations should be reflected in specific work,To integrate daily、Grab it frequently、Fall in normal,Continue to promote the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's BC gameimportant speech、The Party BC gameCentral Committee decision -making and the work of the Provincial Party Committee are deployed in Longjiang Mori to implement it without discounting。We must adhere to the party spirit, party style, party discipline,Promote the Group's regular inspections、Special Class Check、Daily assessment and other issues found to be rectified,Comprehensively promote the group's positive wind and discipline and anti -corruption,Positive energy for the Group's high -quality development to condense unity。

Relevant comrades of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Group,The middle -level cadre of the group headquarters,The staff of the Leading Group of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Party Committee participated in the closing style at the main venue。Members of the leadership team of the group owned by the group、Middle -level cadres participate in the closing style at the branch venue。

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