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【Lin Hai Pioneer】 Forest Food Group Party Committee: Party building leads to release new vitality
2024-07-09        Forest Food Group

Adhere to the party's leadership、Strengthening the party's construction is the unique advantage of state -owned enterprises、Glory Tradition、Where the strength is。Heilongjiang Sen Gong Forest Food Group Co., Ltd. The party committee aims to improve the quality of the party's construction,Continuously strengthening theoretical armed forces、Consolidate the foundation foundation、Deepening the construction of work style to promote the upper step of party building,It provides a strong guarantee for the continuous development of various tasks of the enterprise。


Strengthen the foundation of party building  Improve the "Fortress" combat power

The party's construction is the foundation of various tasks.Forest Food Group Party Committee has always put the party's political construction in the first place,Through "three meetings and one lesson" and self -study of party members and cadres,In -depth study of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech instructions,Armed the brain of party members and cadres with the theoretical theory of the party,Guidance and promotion work。

Combined with young party BC Game appbc game casinomembers' learning habits,Forest Food Group's Party Committee also made full use of the network carrier platform to carry out party member education,and organized activities such as "Pioneer Pioneer of Party Members" and "Party Member Responsibility Area" and other activities,Leading party members and cadres to refine party spirit,Improve comprehensive quality。At the same time,Carried out activities such as "Xianyou" recommendation selection and commendation,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each party member,Give play to their model leading role,Stimulate the "cell" vitality of the party tissue。

Under the guidance of the party's innovation theory,Forest Food Group Specific work of the forest food and Chinese medicinal materials industry,Innovation launched a variety of products such as "Forest Standard" "" Expensive ",The advantages of corporate competition are further enhanced。



Deepen the connotation of party building work  Promoting the improvement of business management quality and efficiency

Forest Food Group Party Committee in the development of the enterprise,Adhere to promoting the work and central work of grass -roots party building、Organic integration of daily work,Let the party flag always flutter at the grassroots level。

Forest Food Group Party Committee Focus on "36 -character" Mori Gong Ecological Iron Army standard,Selected and hired through marketization、Steel training、Systemic cultivation、Practical exercise and other methods bc game apkbc game casino reviewto select and train outstanding young cadres,and implement employee dual contracts and performance assessment management mechanisms at the headquarters and ownership subsidiaries,Clear assessment criteria、The requirements of the promotion level,Open the talent promotion channel,Stimulate talent development vitality。

At the same time,They do a good job of party discipline learning and education,Carry out the special training of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Normalization of warning education,Education guides the majority of party members and cadres to learn from the case、Strictly abide by the rules、No bottom line。

To further standardize corporate management,Forest Food Group's Party Committee further revised and improved the reimbursement of travel expenses、Bus management and other systems,Promoting purchase、Disposal and car management items online approval,and take comprehensive budget management as the main line,Strengthen accounting management,Improve financial management and control and risk early warning capabilities。



Stimulate the new momentum of party building  Help enterprise high -quality development

Forest Food Group Party Committee in -depth practice of "big food concept",Focus on implementing the "28 -character" corporate policy of Moriong Group,Positioning of the functional positioning of the "total inventory" of the product and the "opening pioneer" of the industrial development,bc game casinoBC gameFurther increase the development of forest food,Actively expand foreign cooperation,Continuously stimulate the new momentum of party building,Help enterprise high -quality development。

In terms of forest food research and development,Forest Food Group Design and Development "Mori" high -end brand series products,Cover more than 90 items of 13 major categories; "Heisen" brand pine nut、Shark Hazelnut、Dried blueberry fruits、Black fungus、Forest Tree Honey Five products were selected into the product list of Heilongjiang Forest Food "Nine Zhen Eighteen Products"; Create "KA" Commercial Super、Exhibition Center、Community e -commerce、Regional group purchase integrated sales system,Forest Foods have settled in 3 large -scale supermarket chain systems,A total of more than 400 stores; consolidate Jingdong、Tmall、Meituan and other traditional e -commerce channels,Expand the live broadcast e -commerce platform,Development of "Forest Selection" WeChat Mini Program Sales Platform。

Under the deployment promotion of the party committee of the forest food group,Forest Food Group cooperated with the Aplit Bureau Company to create a "Demonstration Base for the Planting Industry of Camfrene Planting in Longjiang Mori Gongno",The Lamb Project has now been extended to 4 Forestry Bureau,The output is stable to 800 catties to 1,000 catties per acre,Industrial benefits are BC gameconsiderable; fresh corn projects have already BC Game applanded in 9 forestry venues in two forestry bureaus,Complete the order planting area of ​​more than 11,000 acres,The development model of the entire industrial chain is initially formed; forest fruit and vegetable projects cooperate with 3 forestry bureaus to carry out high -end niche varieties and order planting cooperation,The scope of the industrial layout is gradually expanding。

At the same time,Forest Food Group's Chinese medicinal materials industry has achieved the collection and storage of thorns、Sales integrated development,Preliminary completion of Longjiang Mori's Chinese medicinal materials industry cloud built。



​​Next,Forest Food Group's Party Committee will give full play to the leading role of party building,The value of "from forest to dining table" around forest food,Continuously expand the size of the enterprise,Improve economic benefits,Strive to write a new chapter of high -quality development。

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