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[Deepening ability construction] Forest Food Group: a "test" that focuses on market sales
2024-06-03        Shanhe Tun, Dahai Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

May 30th 17:30,Heilongjiang Sen Gong Forest Food Group Co., Ltd. Headquarters on the 5th Floor Conference Room,A special exam is in progress。

"What craftsmanship of ginseng concentrated powder (wine solubility) is extracted" "Which forestry bureau company in Longjiang Mori is a sea buckthorn product base" and "What is the product of the Western ginseng mouth soluble,What is the absorption speed after what absorption bc game casino review"" "Ancient medical scientists think,What is the antler "... Walk into Heilongjiang Mori Forest Food Group Co., Ltd. 2024 marketing assessment written test scene,More than 50 staff members from various positions from Forest Food Group are answering questions carefully,During 2 hours,They are staring at the test paper in front of them,Only the sound of paper and pen friction in the test room。

This marketing assessment is combined with a combination of "written test+oral test"。A total of 100 questions,The content includes both the "Mori" bid ginseng series、High -end edible fungus series、The characteristics of the 11 major series of "Sen" valuable products such as the five -plus series of thorns、Advantage、Nutritional value、Edible bc game casinomethod、Price and differentiation selling points, etc.,It also includes forest agriculture and forest food system solutions,and Overview of Longjiang Mori Gong Group, etc.。The total score of the test roll surface is 100 points,90 points into passing line,The person who fails to go to the person will choose to re -examine。

It is understood,In order to enable the sales staff system to understand its product characteristics in depth,Comprehensive introduction of product,From the end of 2023 to the present,Forest Food Group combed the sales point of the 13 categories of the 13 major categories of its "Mori" brand,Print the learning information into a book,A person with a person、Carrying with you。

"Everyone uses fragmented bc game apktime to learn,On the way to work、Out off the subway、During lunch break、On a business trips ... Through personal self -study、Collective discussions and on -site 'exercises' and other methods,Everyone has more professional about product knowledge and selling points、Know more systematically。"Relevant person in charge of Forest Food Group introduced。

Those who take the exam have expressed,Through recent system training and examinations,Not only has the ideological sublimation from the ideology,It has also broaden your knowledge,Improving your professional quality,It laid the foundation for better work。

The person in charge of the related business of Forest Food Group said,Next step,Plan for the BC Game appoverall training assessment work plan,The training of forest agriculture and forest food system plans and the "Mori" bidding manual training and product sales practice drill,Further enhances the marketing capabilities and sales skills of all sales staff,Expand the "Sen" target、"Heisen" and other brand awareness and influence。

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