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[Political Construction Enterprise] Chaihe: The theme party day aggregate power fields to practice the original heart
2024-05-31    Xiao Chuang Zheng Wenchao    Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

      Recent,Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. The party committee has carried out the "party member on the first line,Dedication shows the original heart "theme party day event,More than 120 party members, cadres, staff, and volunteers of the headquarters and agencies walk into the head forest farm mountain green onion planting base,Carry out supplement、Draft bc game casinoObligations Labor,They are wearing a camouflage suit,full of energy、Planting seedlings,full of energy、Organic,A hot laborer scene。

Labor,The bright red party flag welcomes the wind and exhibition,Golden Party Hui Shining,All party members and cadres、Volunteers roll up their sleeves,Holding hoe、Railing and other tools for division of labor collaboration,According to the responsible area planned in advance,Quickly invest in weeding and replenishing operations,The busy figure has become a beautiful landscape in the green field。

College students and employees Zhang Chen said: "As a youth force in the forest area,Through such labor practice,You can better temper your own hard work,I will actively bc game casinoparticipate in the construction of the experience industry project in the future,Contribute youth for the green development of the forest area。”

Since the beginning of the year,Chaihe Bureau Company's party members and cadres and employees are the first to take the lead,Grasp the party building leading industrial development,Through the theme Party Day、Volunteer service activities and other methods,Actively practice the deployment requirements of the group's "industrial project breakthrough year"。

"Although at the grassroots level,But due to the differences in the post,Some cadres and employees are not very familiar with the front line of industrial development,In particular, many new college students and employees enter the school gate and enter BC Game appthe ‘institution door’,No front -line personal practice。"Shi Xiaodong, deputy minister of the Party Committee Organization Department of the Chaihe Bureau Company, told reporters,"Through this activity,is to let everyone flutter down、Shen to the front line,Actively learn from experienced employees,Familiar with the industrial development of the forest area as soon as possible,Use practical actions to promote the high -quality development of the forest area to accumulate new kinetic energy。”

Belief like Pan,Climbing endless,"Party Banner Red" and "Field Green" complement each other,presents a vivid and colorful scroll。Next,Chaihe Bureau will actively promote the deep integration of party building work and production and operation,Do the "Party Construction+" bc game casino reviewarticle,"Soft Power" with party building to promote production and operation "hard development","Spring planting a grain of millet,Autumn Harvest 10 Ten Thousands of Seeds ",Eessis with your head,Help the development of the forest industry development quality and improve efficiency。


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