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[Political Construction Enterprise] Zhongchuang Group: Deepen the ability to build high -quality development
2024-05-21    Wu Wei    Zhongchuang Group

Deepen ability construction "Grasp the grassroots、Basis、Strong implementation、Seeing Performance "Since the launch of the activity,Mori Gongzhong Group conscientiously implemented the requirements of the party committee of Longjiang Mori Group,Adhere to high advancement、Coordination and linkage,Focusing Center Work,Further emancipate the mind、Strengthening implementation、Change style、Strengthening implementation,Make sure the activity achieves results。

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Theoretical armed "skills" accumulate "kinetic energy"

Theoretical learning is the basis,With in -depth theoretical learning, we can provide guidelines and guidance for practice。The Party Committee of Zhongchuang Group has thoroughly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's "Putting theoretical Learning as the primary task and running through",Further deepen the systematic understanding of the party members' innovation theory、Overall grasping,Realization of learning and thinking、Uniform。

Since the beginning of the year,The Party Committee of Zhongchuang Group held a total of 5 times to bc game apklearn the theoretical learning center group of the Party Committee、"First Issue" Learn 5 times,Learn 17 articles。Eight ownership units are simultaneously carried out "first topic" to study 45 times in the same frequency; organized all party members online to watch 4 times,Cover more than 800 people,Realized the full coverage of theoretical learning。

At the same time,Zhongchuang Group insists on discussion and empowerment,The Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group conducts collective discussions 4 times,Demonstration drives various party organizations to conduct special discussions 24 times。Simultaneously held a four -day party disciplinary study and education special reading class with Sengang Group; organized the launch of cadres and employees around the typical case of "Harbin City: the rise of‘ ice and snow ’good‘ revitalization road ’”,Formed 72 articles,Expand the depth and breadth of employees participating in the management of enterprises,Implementation of ability to improve and perform duties with due diligence。


Party building leads to promote work quality and increase efficiency

High -quality development is high -quality development and comprehensive development.To describe the blueprint of the work style construction work in order to describe the deepening ability,,Zhongchuang Group Party Committee finds key key key,Strengthen "benchmark" lead,Take the use of the "four systems" mechanism bc game casinoas the starting point,Solidly promoting the ability of party members and cadres to change quickly,Effectively promote the quality and efficiency of various tasks。

The ownership units of Zhongchuang Group effectively played the role of the grass -roots party organization's fighting fortress,Adhere to the leadership of party building,Effectively integrate the party building and center work、The same frequency resonance,Make various tasks in an orderly manner。Current,Linfeng Company has provided high -quality farming production services for 7 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,A total of 9700 tons of fertilizer fertilizer,Realizing 35 million yuan in operating income; Zhizhong Technology Company actively promotes the edge computing center of 23 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.、Construction of Ecological Schedule Command Center,Help the construction of "One Net, Two Kuki Four Garden Hundred Garden",Create the largest seedling information network in Longjiang,Cumulative operating income of 4.2435 million yuan,increased by 100%year -on -year; Julian Testing Company Medical Embarrassment、Wastewater、Noise、Winter heating boiler flue dust smoke detection project,Has reached in -depth cooperation intentions with 6 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,At the same time, comprehensively carry out 100 standardized nursery soil testing in the area under the jurisdiction of Mori Group,The company's operating income increased by 462%year -on -year。

Precision Guidance  Cracking the blocking point difficulty card

The party's grass -roots organization is the basis of the entire work and combat effectiveness of the party,Only grass -roots party organizations are strong and powerful,The role of party members is in place,The foundation of the party can be firm,The party's organization can radiate combat power。Zhongchuang Group Party Committee formed an inspection team,The blocking point for the grassroots party building work for all ownership units、Difficult point、Card points are given differentiated precise guidance,8 rights belong to the unit based on actual work,Effectively improved the level of grassroots party building work in the real work。

In terms of improving the quality of organizational life,Arctic Village Hotel Party Branch implements organizational life time、Content、Frequency frequency,Documentary documentary for the whole process,Ensure that the organizational life system is implemented。At the same time,Party branches will introduce new in combination with existing resources,Multiple banquet combinations for development and launched,Conditioning the catering needs of different customer groups,Make hotel restaurants on the seating rate indicator significantly increased。



In terms of promoting the implementation of party building responsibilities,Agricultural Chemical Company's party branch continues to match strong party building forces,bc game casino review1 member of the general party branch of the party,2 deputy secretary of the party's general branch,strongly promoted the empowerment of party building。Earlier this year,Agricultural Chemical Corporation joined hands with the provincial Mori Institute、Northeast Forestry University、Northeast Agricultural University jointly implemented the provincial key research and development plan "Heilongjiang Pine Forest Masterpiece Pests and Pests Pests Key Technology and Application" Project,Through the joint research,It will significantly improve the level of industrialization and prevention and control capabilities of major forest diseases and insect pests in our province,Enhance the market competitiveness of pesticide enterprises in our province。

Facing the new era、New Mission,Zhongchuang Group's party committee will continue to use the determination to catch the iron with traces、The confidence of the ambition is must -have、The perseverance of long -time merit,Solidly promoting deepening ability construction,Lead all party members and cadres to walk ahead、Dry first,Strive to compose the chapters of the vanguard of the "Modern New Forest Workers" vanguard。

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