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【Minsheng Building Enterprise】 Huanan: True Love Caring for the Centennial Elderly Send to the warm people's heart
2024-03-21    Jiang Feng Sun Zhen    Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

Centennial elderly people are the pro -calendar of the development of the forest area、The builder is a witness。To further promote the Chinese nation bc game casino reviewto respect the elderly、Love Old、Traditional virtues to help the elderly,Constantly enhance the happiness of the centenary elderly in Hua Nanlin District、Get sense,Recent,Hua Nan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. takes the "Jianbai Engineering" activity as an opportunity,Visiting and condolences on retired employees over 90 years of birthday in March,The blessing and warmth of the company's party committee to the elderly。



"Happy birthday to you,Healthy and longevity ... "Every household,Staff BC gameof the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Company and Volunteers of Forestry Community、Medical staff of Forestry Hospital sent birthday wishes and carefully prepared perilla eggs、milk and other gifts,Warm words、Warm greetings make the old people laugh and open。At the same time,The staff also has a cordial communication with the old people,Carefully ask their daily life and physical health,Medical staff also conducted a health checkup for the elderly,Tell them to take BC gamecare of the body more。

"Jianbai Project" is a benefit project,Over the years,Hua South Bureau Company always insists on regularly on the door for the elderly human examination、Meeting the life needs of the elderly,Effective care、Life care、Mental care,Further creation of the elderly、Respect for the elderly、Love Old、The good social atmosphere of filial piety。


Next,Hua South Bureau will continue to take the "Jianbai Project" as the starting point,Constantly improving the bc game apksupply capacity of pension services,Let the elderly in the forest area truly realize the elderly、Lost happy、Old Anno。

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