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Chairman of the Provincial Forestry Trade Union Yang Jing and his party to visit the Xinglong Forest District, Longjiang Mori Group
2024-01-06    Dong Shuaibing    Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.



According to the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions on the New Year's Day of 2024、Work deployment of warmth activities for the Spring Festival,On bc game casinothe afternoon of January 4,Chairman of Heilongjiang Forestry Trade Union Yang Jing and his party went deep into Longjiang Senwang Group Xinglong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,On -site visits to condolences to 5 households' families and fruits and vegetable planting bases in front -line employees,and send the condolences to the staff of the employee。


Yang Jing and his party first came to Xinglong Bureau Forest Agricultural Fruit and Vegetable Demonstration Park,Talk with frontline employees,Detailed inquiries about the production and bc game apkoperation of the project and employee income、Social Security and other issues related to the vital interests of employees,and expressed sincere greetings and respect to employees who have persisted for a long time,Struggle to them、Give a high affirmation of the spirit of dedication,I hope they will continue to carry forward and not be afraid of suffering、Not fearful,Hard struggle、The spirit of aggressiveness,Put forward to contribute to the development of the forest area。

Subsequent,Yang Jing's line comes to the family'bc game casino reviews difficult employees,Talk with employees cordially,Detailed inquiries to understand the work and life of difficult workers,Encourage them to strengthen their beliefs,overcome difficulties,Live a happier and better life as soon as possible。and indicate,Provincial Forestry Trade Union will adhere to employees -centered work orientation,Combined with the work of workers in difficult workers in the union cadre,Constantly improving the assistance work system,Classification and policy continuously do precision BC Game appassistance,Concentrated service with intimate and warm -hearted service gathers the enthusiasm of the majority of employees in the forest area for dedication。




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