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bc game casino Mori Gongxing City Sanatorium Company held a "Lei Feng, Dedication in Mori Gong" volunteer service launching ceremony 2024-04-07
bc game casino review [Minsheng Building Enterprise] Hua Nan: True Caring for Centennial Elderly Send bc game casino reviewto Blessing and Warm People's Heart 2024-03-21
Chairman of the Provincial Forestry Trade Union Yang Jing and his party went to the Xinglong Forest District, Longjiang Senwan Group to visit and condolences 2024-01-06
Longjiang Mori Gong Group: Received the special action condolences of the China Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Union "warm -border green" to care for employees 2024-01-03
[Minsheng Building Enterprise] Tokyo City: Carrying out condolences to the first BC Game app-line cadres and employees of disaster relief during the flooding situation 2023-12-05
【Flood resistance to disaster relief reconstruction homeland】 Thousands of miles to come and help the love of the sea forest 2023-08-21
Shanhetun: More than a hundred volunteers carry out full efforts to carry out flood control and disaster relief work 2023-08-12
【Implementation of the Mori Trade Union】 Longjiang Mori Group Trade Union (Youth League Committee), Zhongchuang Group: In bc game casino-depth study and implementation of work innovation development 2023-03-23
[Lin Hai Pioneer] Sui Ling: "Red Classroom" Houzang Love the Party and love the country and love the country 2022-10-19
[Heilongjiang Forestry News] Eight -faced: Think and realize in the discussion and exchange 2022-10-19
[New Era of the Party Construction of Youth] Oriental Red: Demonstrate youth in practice in practice 2022-06-24
Mori Gong Hebei Bureau: "Branch Pickup" adheres to mutual communication every day 2021-03-18
[Anti -Epidemic First bc game casinoLine] Linkou: The front -line party flag of the war epidemic 2021-02-10
Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Plan to Carry out the" Leading Cadre on the Code "event in Longjiang Mori Group Corporation and its units 2020-05-15
Regarding the implementation of projectization management and promoting the standardization of grassroots party branches at the standardization of standardization 2020-05-15
Suiyang Bureau Huangsong operating characteristic party branches to improve the overall combat power 2019-09-24
[Do not forget the mission in mind] The "Open Party Branch" of the Tokyo Urban Bureau's Operation Office is closer to the group 2019-09-19
Tokyo City Bureau Hubei Management Office's artificial beach "stir heat" lake area 2019-09-06
Suiyang Bureau Shuangzi Operation Office Fighting and Fighting Hongshui Division of Hongshui Clear Safe Safety 2019-09-03
[Do not forget the mission of the original heart] The party committee of the street office of the Dahai Forestry Bureau "Party Lesson" to add power to not forget the original heart 2019-08-22
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