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[Lin Hai Xingkong] Fan Xiuling of Suiyang Bureau Company: Gel the power of the puppets to bloom
2024-04-11    Li Jiachen Liyang    Group Rong Media Center

Fan Xiuling,The current female worker director of Hewan Forest Forest Farm, Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.。Everyone who has been in contact with her,All will be of her sunshine、Infected by affinity forces。

"Sister Fan is the same as her sister,Take care of me in life and work,What are you not understood at work,Ask Sister Fan,She will teach me patient and meticulous。"Hao Fanqi, a college student from Hewan Forest Farm, said。


As the female worker director of the grass -roots forest farm,Work tasks often one by one,From spiritual civilization construction to environmental bc game casinoimprovement,From visiting difficult households to contradiction mediation,Get from vaccination from vaccine to medical insurance ... Fan Xiuling is so busy every day,But I never know tired,Always complete various work tasks。

Her working notebook is always densely written,The above -mentioned construction and work recorded the basic situation of each household。Someone said,Seeing her working log is pleasing to the eye,Listening to her work like a crowd like a spring breeze。

"I recorded some bites of my work,Harvest、Challenges、There is also growth。Whether it is the daily management of the Women's Working Committee、Still daily communication with the staff and the masses,What are the incomplete aspects,What are the shortcomings,I will also summarize,Improved it in future work。"Fan Xiuling said。


As a grass -roots worker,Get along with the employees and the masses,Let her bc game apkknow every special family of the forest farm。Who has the old man who can't afford bed,Who is a family who lost her independence,Who has encountered a special situation,This clear account has always been a heavy concern in her heart。

A resident said to reporters: "My family is a low guarantee household,Xiuling has always cared about my home,What are the good policies above,Timely inform us,For us busy and busy,Our family is particularly grateful to Xiu Ling。”

While doing my job well,Facing the task of urgent and dangerous work,Fan Xiuling also actively acts、Chong on the front line。early August 2023,Typhoon "Kanu" swept Suiyang Forest District,She actively please,Do work from home to work,Help the masses transfer evacuation,This kind of thing is countless in Fan Xiuling。

Talk about Fan Xiuling,Forest farm employees and masses have erected thumbs,A admiration says: "Xiu Ling in our forest BC Game appfarm is really good,People are enthusiastic and careful,I boast of her three days and three nights, I can't finish。”


For more than 20 years,Fan Xiuling with full work enthusiasm and forgetful work,Dedication in the post of female workers, dedication to your youth and sweat,She has also been commended by the company's party committee for many years,Honor the honorary titles such as "Excellent Communist Party Members", "Advanced Female Workers and Workers", "Jian Gong and Flood Transfer and Resettlement Work" and other honorary titles,In 2024, he won the honor of the model worker for model workers。

"Fan Xiuling has always been diligent at work、Resentment,She loves a line,Diligence from learning、Good at thinking、Bold practice,Fully demonstrated the dedication of female workers in the new era、The spirit of dedication。"Zheng Xiusen, the head of the Hewan Forest Farm, told reporters。

Fan Xiuling is a microcosm BC Game appof many outstanding female workers in Mori Gonglin District,She uses her actual action,I wrote a song of Ai Gang, dedication、Monomic Dedication、Zen Genlin District、Dedication of the song of life in the forest area。

"In the future, I will be with all the employees of the Women's Working Committee of the Hewan Forest Farm,Complete the various tasks determined at the beginning of the year,Fully fulfill the functions of the Female Workers' Committee,​​Contributions to the high -quality development of Suiyang Forest District。"Fan Xiuling said。

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