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【Linhai Starry Sky】 After the 80s, Mori Warrior Wang Yu: Blooming the iron army with youth and sweat
2024-03-18    Liu Xia    Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

When performing a fire mission every time,,He first rushed to the fire field,Positive bravery、Dare to fight and fightHis ownFour -person three -dimensional flapping fire,Solving Caotang's flame temperature high、Unable to get close to the problem,Get the recognition of experts from the Provincial Academy of ForestryHe is an excellent Mori defender、Fire Warriors,Is a politics、Business、A strong and stubborn Communist Party member...He isThe current ZhanheForestry Bureau Co., Ltd.Captain of the Forest Fire BrigadeWang Yu

"Use me in the first battle,Use me to win ",This loud battle slogan,Calling the Communists bravely picked the burden、The heroine of the brave soldiers。In the severe struggle against fire,Wang Yu performs responsibilities with the battle posture of the moment of charge,Plim the shiny business card of the Communist Party members with actual actions。


Usually sweaty Blood bleeding less during wartime

1997,Wang Yu has become a professional firefire member,17 -year -old he knows that the work he is about to face is full of danger and challenge,It must be too good。Learn bc game casinoall opportunities and time,Ask the old team members with an open mind,Books、Network、Practice and other ways,Familiar with the safety technical specifications of Fire Fire,I quickly grasped the various business knowledge of fire prevention,and can be proficient in using microcomputers、Dialogue、Terrestrial diagram,GPS satellite positioning instrument and other fire prevention equipment、Tools。

After unremitting efforts,Wang Yu quickly grew into a qualified professional firefire player。2007,He assumes the training task of 90 team members of the second squadron。Training,Whether it is physical training or fluttering business training,He strictly controls,Each movement details patiently demonstrate repeatedly,Individual players do not meet the standard,He will "open a small stove",Improve training intensity,Make sure that each player is too well -skilled。Under his leadership,The training results of the team members are continuously improved,In the professional team of the Forest Fire Corps in 2012,His team won the runner -up。

In order to prepare for the 2016 provincial militia reserve troops fluttering team cross -regional competition,Wang Yu led 15 firefighters to go to Yichun。Just bright every day,He summoned the players to get up and pull to practice,Then the use of lighter use and maintenance、Tool No. 2 Tool、Fire tactics、Emergency avoidance、Commander Emergency bc game casino reviewDisposal and other competitions exercises。The gap between rest and eating,He also urged the team members to recite fire prevention knowledge test questions,Dare to relax for a moment of scrambling a moment。With everyone's efforts,Their team has achieved a second place in good results,Wang Yu himself also won the provincial militia reserve force to fight the fire team across regional training individual、Wind power extinguisher operation second place、No. 2 Tool Tactical Basic Movement 2。


Dangerous rushing in front of the courage

When the 2009 "4.27" Yinanhe fire,He led the team to more than 400 kilometers to and from,Nearly 6 kilometers of fire extinguishing line,6 fire head,Cleaning more than 20 places at cigarettes,Make outstanding contributions to the victory of Firefire。After observing the situation of the fire,It is recommended to take two -line breakthroughs in east -west lines,Fire tactics of east -west buckle。Then he led the team to hit the most critical line on the East Line,Follow -up forces follow up one after another。

Fight overnight,At 10 am on the 28th, the southern line fire buckle head,The fire of the North Line is gradually controlled。At this time,The team members are exhausted,The situation of the fire field is not optimistic,He takes everyone to chew the instant noodles while cleaning the line。

In the afternoon of the 30th,The wind suddenly increased,Some fire lines are re -ignited,Fire borrowing style spread rapidly,Multiple lines are broken,The situation BC gameis critical again。He led the team members to the fire again,Continuous battle for 22 hours,Finally extinguished the bright fire。He divides the line of defense according to the number of teams,Requires to clean up 20 meters inward along the fire on the day,There is no smoke point within 50 meters the next day,On the third day, there is no cigarette point within the visual distance of 100 meters。This experience is also promoted by the headquarters,Standard for becoming a fire in each front。

During this period,Yichun large area point burn fire line,Multiple breakthroughs in the defense line。According to the instructions of the superior,They also support Yichun Firefield,13 cigarettes,13 cigarettes。Whenever there is an urgent、Difficult、Insurance、heavy mission,Leaders' Association first thought of Wang Yu,He never humiliates the mission,Can successfully complete the task every time。In his opinion,I am just like being a soldier,Fire is fighting,People who are soldiers should rush forward。


Loyal care of green  No regrets paying youth

Do only one job in a lifetime,Most people feel boring,But Wang Yu is happy in it。He not only loves learning,and diligent in thinking、Courageous Innovation。In the practice of fluttering, he found,Caitang's combustible material accumulation is large,Once a fire occurs,Fire head high,Personnel cannot approach。

After repeated experiments and practice,He created a four -dimensional three -dimensional flameing bc game casinomethod,Team members form a scientific formation,Fire extinguishing、Oxygen supply、Responsibility for cooling division of labor,Solving Caotang's flame temperature high、Unable to approach problems,Get the recognition of experts from the Provincial Academy of Forestry。In work and life,He played a model leader everywhere,Deeply trusted by players。

"There is him during training,The team is even more disciplined、Team is mighty; he has him during the battle,We feel that there is a bottom in our hearts,Dare to go forward。"" ""。

Forest Defense Work is full of danger,One year still has half a year to spend on the mountain。Once,Have a chance to change a relaxed job,But he doesn't want to leave,This job,He intends to do a lifetime。"I will grow older in the future,I can't run,I will do logistical services for young players。"Wang Yu said with a smile。

Persistence of 21 years,Origin from love。Wang Yu,This post -80s Mori Defense Warrior,With his unremitting efforts,I wrote a long poem to the forest area。Wang Yu said: "At that time, when I faced the party flag, I sent an oath,For the party and the people, you can sacrifice everything,Including life,It's now fulfilling the promise,Mori Defense has me,Green forever! "

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