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[Lin Hai Xingkong] Wang Liuyang: Guarding this green water and green mountains
2023-12-28    Li Jiachen    Group Rong Media Center

  On the observation tower of less than 4 square meters,A small bed、A wooden table、A walkie -talkie ... For Wang Liu Yang, who lived in the depths of Dashan from an early age,,This is a scenario that is familiar.。Children,He is accompanied by his parents to grow here; after marrying a wife and having a child,He and daughter -in -law are like parents of the year,Still looking at the fire here。The family's 38 years of persistence,Only the forest for the guardian's feet。

  As a national moral model,The son of Zhu Caiqin, the top ten "most beautiful employees" in the country,BC game2014,Wang Liu Yang resolutely follow the footsteps of his parents,Become a forest fire prevention watchman,This year,His 22 years old,It happened to be the same age as the mother of the mother for the first time。2016,Wang Liu Yang is married,Wife Xu Pan has a bachelor's degree,I can choose other jobs,But Xu Pan does not want to gather more and more in the fire prevention period between husband and wife,I resolutely made the same choice as my mother -in -law,Become a young woman.,Together with her husband, a new "Husband and Wife Watching Tower"。

  As the second -generation "husband and wife tower" watchman,Wang Liu Yang and his wife Xu Pan adhered to the 10 forest fire prevention period,In more than five years,The husband and wife are excellent to complete the communication mission。2023,Wang Liu Yang and Xu Pan were transferred from the original observation bc game apktower to the work of the colorful lingering tower,After taking over the mother’s relay stick,Continue to fight in the most important task、The busiest "Caiqin Tower"。

  "When my mother worked on the tower early,No power、No signal、No heating facilities,Only transit communication equipment such as walkie -talkie,It's too difficult to see her once。"" Speaking of this,Wang Liu Yang's eyes are moist。

  "You can now use the Internet with your daughter Video,much stronger than my mother -in -law。"Wang Liu Yang's wife Xu Pan told reporters,Now,The working environment of the fire watching tower is already much better,Forest Highway to 10 kilometers of mountain roads on the observation tower re -paved the sand,Equipped with a digital walkie -talkie、New telescope,Lighting tools from candles to battery lamps,The traffic method is also upgraded bc game casino reviewfrom a bicycle to a car。

  Overlooking high altitude、Comprehensive monitoring、Multi -dimensional data collection、Real -time feedback、Smoke feel、The advantages of inspection and inspection of heat imaging ... With the "empty world" integrated warning monitoring system of "Senganglin District" integrated warning system,Wang Liu Yang has a strong interest in the theoretical knowledge of the drone operation。

  "With the assistance of drones,You can discover the fire in the shortest time,greatly improves the efficiency of Mori defense work。I can now be able to operate a variety of models of drones,My wife Xu Pan also learned the drone control technology,We will continue to improve yourself in the future,Learn from my parents,As a qualified ecological iron army。"Wang Liu Yang told reporters,As a new generation of Mori Defense BC Game appPeople,Not only do you have to do a good job of watching monitoring,More mastery of new technology,Establishing new skills for the cause of Mori Defense。

  Two generations、A tower,Inherited the persistence and responsibility of the forestry people of the older generation,It also shows the confidence and determination of Mori workers to protect the green water and green mountains! In Mori Gonglin District,There are tens of millions of Zhu Caiqin、Wang Liu Yang dedicated it silently in ordinary posts,Guarding the grass and trees of the mountains,It is a generation of generations of Mori workers.。

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