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[Lin Hai Xingkong] Zhu Caiqin: Make this forest and sea more green
2023-12-28    Liu He    Group Rong Media Center

  In Zhanhe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.,There is such a couple,They use persistence and responsibility to interpret the spirit of ecological construction of the iron army。1988,Zhu Caiqin followed her husband Wang Xuexun into the Forestry Bureau's Forest Fire Department,The first "husband and wife tower" in Zhanhe Forest District,She is also the first female hoper who entered the mountains on the mountain of Zhanhe Forestry。As a watchman,Except for more than a dozen hours a day,and hundreds of articles、Delivery of even thousands of information,The test faced with the difficult environment that ordinary people are unbearable。

  Zhu Caiqin told reporters,bc game apkHer tower,From the nearest roadside,Go to the observation tower to walk through 3 kilometers in the mountains,Dozens of miles from the resident point,There is no road in the forest,Can't get in the vehicle,Everything must be carried by manpower。When the spring prevention in the spring,Snow in the mountains has half a person deep,Almost all of them climbed in。The longest once,They took 8 hours in the tower room,From Tianming to Tianhei,Tired of even talking about talking。But the 30 -year look -up career makes Zhu Caiqin、Wang Xuezhun, a couple, have an emotion that is difficult to give up in this position,The high observation tower not only broaden their vision,Exercise will,It also enriched their lives,Realized the life value of protecting the green mountains and green mountains。

  For Caiqin,,No matter who it is,Whether to know each other,When I heard her voice in the intercom for the first time,I will feel that it is bright,BC Game appThe sound of her simply and sharp voice is deeply attracted,Her voice is also known as the most beautiful voice of the fireproof outpost。30 years of watching the forest protection,The thing that makes this couple is most pleased is the 451 tower to successfully transfer tens of millions of information,For the victory of each fire fight,Provided reliable communication guarantee,It is the victory of each period of anti -fire prevention campaign,Positioning the due role。During 30 years,More than 10,000 days of reincarnation guards,Despite the difficulty of difficulties,Learn all the hardships,But in their hearts,This green water under the feet has been defined as "Fushan",Because it is the support of their happiness,It is the hope of all forest people's happiness。

  During 30 years,Zhu Caiqin won a lot of honors,It has been elected as the province's moral model,Outstanding Communist Party Member Parallel for the province,It also bc game apkglory the "National May Day Labor Medal" and the nation's "most beautiful employee" honorary titles。October 1, 2019,After one year of retirement,Zhu Caiqin received the invitation to participate in the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China,Observation table from the observation workbench to Tiananmen Square,As one of the millions of millions of forests,Zhu Caiqin walked out of Dashan,Enter the auditorium,Participate in the event,No Shang Rongguang!

  According to Zhu Caiqin Introduction,Although she retires now,But her husband Wang Xuexun is still on the tower,What makes her most pleased is,Under her influence and inspiration,Her son Wang Liu Yang also returned to her hometown in 2014,Her job with her daughter -in -law,Continue to stick to the "Caiqin Tower",No regrets,Watching green。For their family,The responsibility for the passage of salary bc game apkis gratitude,It is dedication,I can look at the mountains all the time,Can keep this lush forest,Can be generations and then generations,Inherited the hometown、Forest District、Love and responsibility for forests!

  "The green mountains and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan,Bingtian and Snowfield is also Jinshan Yinshan "。The 20th National Congress of the Party,Draw a picture to make the motherland more blue、Green mountains、Water is cleaned、A better picture of the ecological environment。Zhu Caiqin will continue to work with all the dedicators who are doing the green career for Mori,Forever the original nature of the original heart,Always work forward,Watch the green mountains that never fade!

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